Holiday Light Hangers

All Purpose String Light Hangers

Holiday Light Hangers

All Purpose String Light Hangers

Tired of crooked, droopy Christmas lights?

Interested in saving holes from unsightly staples or nails?

Want to spare wear and tear on gutters and shingles?

Decorate like a professional!

Easy to hang, Easy to remove, No Tools Required!


See how easy it is!


  • Kwik Clip Holiday Christmas Light Hangers work great on Fencing, Decking, Boat Docks or Patio Covers at Christmas or anytime.
  • Having a PARTY in your backyard? Kwik Clip Holiday Christmas light hangers work great for hanging all kinds of party decorations.
  • Brighten up your deck by stringing rope lights to the underside of the railing with Kwik Clip Holiday Light Hangers.
  • Are you planing a WEDDING? White C-7 Christmas lights around the backyard and deck make a nice decoration.

Kwik Clip Hanging Guidelines and Options

Kwik Clips light hanger can secure your Christmas lights or lights for any occasion in 1 of 2 ways.

1) Using Kwik Clip Christmas light hanger Center Groove:

Feed Christmas light wire through the inside groove and firmly push the Kwik Clip Christmas light hanger over the fascia board.

2) Using Kwik Clip Christmas light hanger Outer Hook:

Firmly push the Kwik Clip Christmas light hanger over the fascia board and hang your Christmas light wire in the hook. Kwik Clips Christmas light hanger can be used with the hook facing toward or away from your home.

Spacing the Kwik Clip Christmas light hanger is determined by your personal preference. Suggested spacing is between 12″ and 24″ between each Kwik Clip Christmas light hanger. For each 25 feet of Christmas lights, 18-24 Kwik Clip Christmas light hangers are recommended. Kwik Clip Christmas light hangers are sold in packages of 32. Order online and stock up for Christmas.

Kwik Clips are 100% American made.

They come in 2 sizes 1″ and 2″

Kwik Clip Holiday Light Hangers will hang all types of strings of the most popular lights:

  • Rope Lights
  • C-7’s
  • C-9’s
  • Icicle Lights,
  • Mini’s.


Choose from 1″ or 2″ or BOTH!!

Attach your lights, using the 2” Kwik Clips, to any standard 2×4* or wider board. The 1” Kwik Clips attach to any standard 1×2** or wider board. Here are some examples.

  • Fascia Board
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Boat Docks
  • Patio Covers
  • etc. 

*Standard 2×4,6,8, etc. boards are 1 5/8” wide.

**Standard 1×2,4,6, etc. boards are 3/4” wide.


Kwik Clip Hangers just work!!!

These are the easiest way to string lights! I spent numerous hours and close to $100 with different versions of sticky hooks, and research trying to find a way to put up string lights that didn’t involve drilling into my home. Finally I came across these. I figured id give them a try because i was desperate and ready to give up when the sticky hooks didn’t work. Once they arrived I was able to put up all the lights very quickly. I was also pleasantly surprised with how secure these clips were and how much weight they were able to handle (I could leave a significant portion of the string of lights hanging and they held). The one thing I would suggest is to take a look at what size face boards you have as they come in different sizes. These clips were also equally easy to take off. you did have to be a little gentle taking them off as they clipped on so tightly. Only 1 clip however scraped paint off (on inside of face-board where no-one can see), but that was my fault for getting confident and starting to take them off carelessly.

B. Cox


If you have open soffits with fascia, these are truly the greatest thing to ever happen to Christmas light hanging. This was the year for new lights, and I didn’t want to use staples on the new ones. I stumbled on these while searching Amazon for a better solution and they are absolute perfection. It’s not very often you find a perfect product, but there are no negatives here. Simple to install, simple to adjust, will be simple to remove, and grip firmly to the fascia. I love the option of hanging from the center of the bottom edge of the fascia, or from the front with the clip – very versatile. USA made too!

D. Walters

They work! Perfect for our fascia!

These are exactly what we were looking for! I wanted to hang icicle lights above the garage, but my husband was unwilling to do anything that will put holes in the fascia, so I found these and putting up the lights was super quick and easy! They do not feel like they will fall off (unless somebody pulls them down), and they did not scratch up the paint on the fascia either. If I ever decide to add more lights to the house in the future, I will order more of these.


perfect christmas light hanger for deck railing on condo deck

perfect christmas light hanger for deck railing on condo deck.. installed 150 ft of lights in less than an hour
removed and put back in ziplock bags for next year

Amazon Customer

A must have for hanging Christmas lights from your eaves.

I have been looking for a way to hang my eave lights for some time and am very excited to have found these. They were shipped quickly and although I wasn’t able to use them this year they will be helping next Christmas. They are very heavy duty and fit snugly on my eaves. Great product here that is very well made.


I have used these for years and love them! Can never find them in the store …

I have used these for years and love them! Can never find them in the store so I finally re-ordered extras and tossed out some other clips I had supplemented with. My original set is over 5 years old and the plastic is still good.
I can’t recommend these enough for quick easy installation and take down of Christmas lights.